Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Easy Water Play

Hey there friends,

I don't know about you, but around here it is that great part of the year when we still have some great weather a head of us, but I am out. of. ideas! Don't get me wrong, I love themed play ideas and activities, but at this point I just need something easy to get Abbey out into the backyard and kept busy.

It doesn't get any easier than water play. Grab a few large plastic containers or bowls (the bigger the better, otherwise you're refilling every 2 minutes!), a cup or two, some bath toys, whatever. Fill 'em up, put 'em outside, and let the littles go at it.

 Abbey stays busy with this little set up, and it takes no planning whatsoever. She finds things that sink and things that float, she scoops and pours, and her favorite thing is "painting" the deck. I threw an $.88 paint brush in with her toys and it was the best addition ever!

Keep on playing, little girl!

What are you doing to enjoy the nice weather you have left? We've still got trips to the zoo and all sorts of good things planned!

What are your go to easy play ideas?

Be blessed!


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