Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Have a Safe 4th!

Hey there friends!

I have to admit...I'm that mom that freaks out over sparklers. They just make me nervous! I was never allowed to have them growing up, and now they just make me antsy with little ones around.

Last year, we decided to get crafty and make our own fireworks. We attempted straw painting. I think our paint was too thick...

We also made these, and they were a hit! Some sparkly pipe cleaners, some craft sticks and  little hot glue...DONE! Easy peasy, and lots of fun to run around with.

This year I've been looking for other fun alternatives to sparklers and, as usual, the Kid Blogger Network did not leave me wanting! Here are some of my favorites:

super simple: Star Wands from Our Arts 'n' Things

A little fancy: Patriotic Spirit Wands from Buggy and Buddy

Great for itty bitties: Fireworks in a Bottle from No Twiddle Twaddle

Want more crafty holiday goodness? There are over 30 ideas, all from KBN bloggers here on my pinboard: 4th of July with the Kid Blogger Network

Be blessed, and be safe!



  1. I'm totally with you about sparklers!! Although I was allowed to play with them as a kid, they don't seem to be made as well these days. They used to be metal all the way through, but now they are wooden with a metal coating. A few years ago my 3 year old niece was holding one when the metal coating burnt off leaving the wood. So, the sparkler broke, hitting her on the face. She was burned pretty badly and has had to have 2 surgeries to fix the scar left. Since then, no sparklers or fireworks for us - if we want fireworks, we go to Disney to see them - let the pros do it - it's just not safe for kids. I love you creative ideas for the 4th - awesome replacements for fireworks

  2. HI Heather, just wanted to pop over & say hi! Thanks for the Chicago inspired package you sent me. My girls loved the candy & I'm excited for the recipes. Thanks, have a wonderful day :)


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