Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do Good with #SoleHope

Hi friends!

We've been part of the new small group program at our church since the fall. We've done some great studies, and had some wonderful time together. It's so fun getting to know new people! One of the things each small group is supposed to do is participate in at least one service opportunity every few months.

Well....we've been slacking on that one.

Not on purpose, I swear! I hate to say it, but we live in the land of the hyper-involved family. It is hard to find a time that everyone has available, besides when we are in our group. So, we needed something that we could do as a group, during group.

Enter SoleHope.

Have you heard about SoleHope? They are doing amazing things, and you can help them do them!

Here, take a minute or two and learn all about them:

See? Amazing, right?
The easiest way to jump in and do some good is to host a shoe cutting party, which is what we did. How it works is you order a shoe party kit for the size party you want to have. They range from 10 to 100 people, and are great for everything from small groups to youth groups!
I ordered our 10 person kit and we picked a date. Since we were meeting when we usually did, we had a much better turn out. Still not everyone, but...such is life! 
These parties couldn't get much simpler! You get a kit with 1 shoe size. It includes pattern pieces, a sample set, and instructions. At your party you trace and cut shoe pieces and bundle them together. These are then sent back to Sole Hope. Easy peasy!



Almost there!

Snap a pic of the cutie...
We got 4 complete pairs done! We could have done more, but we ran out of milk jugs for the plastic pieces. The great part is, we still have plenty of traced pieces to cut, so we can bring them to group next week and cut as we chat! We'll get more shoes made, and more people will get to be involved! Win win!
If you're looking for a service opportunity, I cannot recommend Sole Hope enough. They are changing lives in Africa, and it is so easy to be a part of it! I am sure we will do this again!
Be blessed, do good!


  1. thank you SO SO much for participating!!!

  2. Would you happen to have the patterns that you could copy and send to me. I seem to lost them and want to make a few more shoes.


    1. I don't, sorry! I'm sure you could get in touch with Sole Hope and they can send you some.


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