Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Favorite Bible Storybooks

Hey there, friends.

Part of our bed time routine for quite a while now has been reading a book, and then a bible story. If it's a late bed time, then the bible story wins out. We want to make sure that Abbey is getting into the Word every day. Now if only I could get myself into the Word every day....does story time count?


We've tried a few different children's bibles, and I though I would share our favorites with you.

1. My First Hands-On Bible

This is actually the preschool version of the Bible that we give to our 2nd Graders at church as their "first bible" every year. It isn't the entire bible, but has most of the major stories, and some of the not so common ones as well (Balaam's talking donkey, anyone?). It includes little prompts throughout the stories to get kinds involved, and each story ends with a prayer. It is straight from the NLT translation with some condensing, so it can feel a bit "formal" sometimes for story time, but we like it a lot. When we first started reading it with Abbey we HAD to read Jesus Calms the Storm...every night...for a long time. I guess if I have to repeat a story, that's a good one to repeat! She pretty much had it memorized...

2. The Jesus Storybook Bible

We've checked this one out from the library at least 3 times. I really need to break down and buy it. I love the artwork in it, and it has much more of a "storybook" feel. Stories are paraphrased, and at the end every single one of them is tied back to Jesus. I love it. It has given me perspective on stories that I had never thought of before. Who says story time is just for the kids?

3. Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

This one is our most recent addition. It also had gorgeous artwork, and a storybook flow. At the end of each story it has a scripture verse and a "Letter from Jesus" just like the Jesus Calling devotionals. We haven't had it for long, but it's quickly becoming our go-to.

Do you have a favorite Bible story book? I would love to hear about it! Leave it for us in the comments.

Be blessed!



  1. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible. I've even taken it to class and read it to my 7th and 8th graders. Thanks so much for sharing a couple of other good kid Bible reads. I'd definitely like to have another one some time. Have a great week, Heather!

  2. We also do this as part of our bedtime routine. My little guy is 2 so we use a couple different toddler and childrens bibles and rotate through them. I love how he gets into it and it just makes my heart happy, like we just might be doing something right!!!

  3. Heather, I know what you mean...getting my Bible time in on days I didn't have quiet time via reading my kids a Bible story at night! ;) In October I bought my oldest daughter (8) "The Action Bible" - the Bible in comic form. She especially, but all my girls (the others are 6 & 3), love it! We've been reading at least one section almost every night before bed and we're almost at the end. The author paraphrases into kid-friendly words and I enjoy the way he communicates the ideas - even get a chuckle out of what he has some of the people say, like sometimes he has bystanders in a crowd mumbling things! It really brings things to life and has even given me new thoughts and perspectives on old stories. Thanks for sharing your top picks!


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