Monday, November 19, 2012

Here we go again!

Hi friends!

 I didn't mean to disappear, I swear! This has been an accidental blogging break, but it's been good. I miss you like crazy though! Hopefully things will be back up to speed soon.


So, this happened last week:

Yep, me and good old Weight Watchers, back together again! The thought of heading into the holiday season at the biggest I've ever been just was not ok with me. Not even a little bit. I'm proud to say that I'm down a pound for the week. Woot!

Now...about that certain gratitude-based, heavily food laden holiday that's coming up this week...


The times I see my best weight loss results are the times when my activity level has been the highest. Yes, I'll lose just watching what I eat, but activity really kicks things into gear for me. The only problem? I have a hard time getting it into my day. Oh, and it has to be fun or, let's face it, I'm not coming back.

Enter my new favorite thing:

Yep, Just Dance 4. I love it! I've only played the Just Dance series one or two times, but it has always been a lot of fun.

My favorite part of Just Dance 4? The Just Sweat category. Since I'm looking for any way to add activity to my day, I figured Just Dance would be a great way to do that, even if I had to stop between every song and pick something new. I was so excited when I turned on the game to find the Just Sweat option! I can choose 10, 25 or 45 minute workouts with a whole bunch of different themes. My favorite theme is the 80s one (think aliens with's great!). There are specific workout routines, rotating with actual songs from the game. It tracks your level of energy, and adapts the routines accordingly. And it's so much fun!

Thanksgiving is coming, and Just Dance 4 would be a great way to get active. Get your family together and have some fun, or fit Just Sweat into your day somewhere. Either way you will be having fun, and burning off dinner!

Be blessed, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps #CleverJD4

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