Friday, January 1, 2010

Toddler Boxes

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  1. These are really great ideas! I can't wait to see more of them!

  2. I really like this concept. I made something similar but I put to many things in each box and it was overwhelming for my daughter. I need them for her to feel like she is doing school while I homeschool my older ones. Thanks for the simplicity!

  3. These are really great ideas! I'm headed to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get a few started for my son! :) He'll LOVE playing with the pipe cleaners and while ducks are awesome, I may have to do trucks or airplanes. Yeah, we'll see how creative I can be. Thanks for posting these and I can't wait to see more!

  4. Love the toddler box idea - even as a grandma! Would be great to have ready in the house. I'm thinking that smaller sizes - maybe large ziploc bags would be great for airplane travel?


  5. These actually aren't that large. They would all fit perfectly in a quart size bag!

  6. Hi! I really like this concept, I will give it a try. A few questions, where did u find those boxes? As that really is the first step. And the buttons? They are so cute. And the matching cards ? I suppose I could easily make something like those myself but I'm curious where u found them !

    1. Hi Alexandra!
      The boxes and buttons are from Hobby Lobby (craft storage section, and kids crafts). The matching cards were from the dollar store. If they don't have them, wait until Target does their back to school theme in the $1 spot. They almost always have something!