Monday, January 12, 2015

Fizzy, Frozen Snow Dough

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When Abbey was little she hated getting her hands messy. Play dough was a rare event, and she didn't finger paint until she was 4. She has gotten much better recently, and now we get to try out all sorts of fun doughs! This one mixes two fun things: play dough and science experiments! Who doesn't love that? Bonus points: we got to build snowmen from the warmth of our dining room! 

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Do you all know Asia over at Fun At Home With Kids? If you don't, you are missing out! Go over there and read everything she's ever written! She has a fantastic recipe for this fizzy, frozen snow dough. 

All you need is:
- baking soda
- salt
- dish soap
- water

That's it! Head on over to Asia for the full details.

This dough is so much fun! First of all, it's easy to put together, so your little ones get to start playing right away. Abbey loved all the stirring and mixing.

"It feels so marshmallowy!"

Now the "real" playing can begin! I snipped a few sticks from our bush outside, and pulled out our bead and cutting boxes for decorations.

I thought Abbey would make one big snowman, but she ended up making a whole group of mini snowmen. Aren't they cute?

She loved building them, but kept asking to wash her hands! What can I say, old habits die hard! I had to keep telling her to wait, that even more fun was coming and she would be able to rinse of in just a bit. That kept her intrigued until I pulled out these:

We decided to start small. An eye dropper and a ramekin full of vinegar. Hmm....I wonder what will happen...

Ooooh...a little bit of fizz. Now what will happen if we use the squirt bottle?


Oh, the humanity! (Snowmanity?)

And now, in case you thought the fun was over, you get to fish around in the foam for all the decorations so you can start all over again! 

This dough comes together so quickly and easily that it is simple to do this over and over! It is also one of the fantastic activities in Asia's book , which is a perfect addition to any home library!

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  1. LOVE your colorful snowmen! Thank you for linking so thoughtfully and for giving our book a shout-out! Off to pin!


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